Vickers hardness tester

vickers hardness tester

Vickers hardness tester is used in performing the hardness test. The test is about measuring how hard a material is especially the thin and small sections. It contains an indenter made of diamond and a load light enough that produces indentation on the testing subject. The value of how hard an object is depends on how deep the indentation goes. Indenters are always used on all varieties of materials regardless of how hard the material is.

1. Purpose of the hardness tester

The value of Vickers depends on the force of the test. However, if the same materials are tested, the results produced might be similar regardless of the force. This test is useful in the evaluation of materials and controlling the manufacturing and researching efforts of developments. Even though hardness has an empirical nature, it can further connect to strengthen tensile in most metals and indications of how resistance and ductile the material is in terms of wearing out. When handling the test always remember to note distances between the indentation, the distance should be over 3 diameters to dodge the already hardened region. The main purpose of the Vickers hardness tester is not only to test materials and components in the locomotive industry but also to conducts both advanced and common test errands.

vickers hardness tester

Final thoughts

The principle of simple measuring in Vickers hardness tester is always observing questions on the ability of the material to resist deformation to plastics from a source that is standard. It has the ability to test all metals since it has a wider scale.

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