Managed wifi (for) service providers: reasons to make use of it

Managed wifi (for) service providers

Nowadays everyone finds it important to have fast and good working wifi. As a company you don’t want to annoy your customers with bad internet as unreliable service, poor download and upload speed. These are also the points that annoy customers the most. If your internet speed is higher, the NPS of the company will be higher as well.

Better wifi speed = better NPS score

NPS stand for Net Promoter Score. It’s a common market research measure that typically takes the form of a single survey question. It asks respondents how likely they are to reccomend a company, product of service or a friend or colleague. And which company doesnt want a high Net Promoter Score? I don’t think any company. So make sure that your internet speed is high.

Managed wifi (for) service providers

If you want the best speed you can think about managed wifi (for) service providers. Next to an increased NPS because of faster speed, a managed wifi service has some other benefits. The first one is that it decreases costs. It is possible to save €35 per household. Next to this benefit, the call center support is improved and the technician call-outs and truck rolls are reduced. After companies changed their wifi to the managed wifi service, 80% of the customers reported increase of satisfaction. And another benefit is that the efficiency is increased. You will notice that with the managed system there will be a 30% decrease in volume of wifi relate customer service calls. That will give you more time for other things in your company.

Where can you get a managed wifi service?

If you want to make use of this managed wifi service can help you! They offer transparent costs per user, so it’s very affordable. If you have more questions, you can always contact them.

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