Hardness test


Achieving success in the business sector is not so easy. The competition is always stiff. For you to be able to make your products marketable, you have to produce quality material. The hardness test is the key to making quality products for a factory dealing with metallic materials. There are various types of testers you can use. Check out the ones mentioned below.

Product descriptions

Attaining the correct results when you perform a hardness test is important. These testers are mainly in four different versions. Here are the descriptions of each.

1. Rockwell testers

It is the general method to get the hardness of metallic materials. Indenters used on the testers is a diamond or hardened steel ball. The Rockwell testers perform its tasks by measuring the depth the indenter has gone through the metallic material. However, you should note that different Rockwell testers come with different scales.


2. Vickers testers

The best thing about the Vickers testers is that the machines you decide to order can come as new or reconditioned to suit your company’s specifications. These machines are mostly used for small parts and already finished components.

3. Brinell testers

The Brinell tester is commonly used for materials that are too rough. The testing process uses a wide load with wide indenters to use the resulting average as the complete outcome.

4. Portable testers

The easiest way to use the tester but you have no patience to carry the heavy ones. It is a method created to be the alternative which is much similar to the traditional type.

Work experiences with the products

Hardness testers have a huge benefit in the manufacturing industry. It includes the following:

  • The test is simple and fast
  • The test is non destructive to the material
  • Operation does not require a lot of technicalities.

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