Edge Breaker


An edge breaker is a machine built to polish a metal surface to achieve a smooth finish. It not only smoothens the metallic surface but also gets rid of the grinding dust. Check out this brief extended discussion on some of its applications.

Different applications

It is an ideal budget machine that offers impressive performance on a variety of tasks, despite its relatively affordable price range fits every work scheduled to do. Here are some of the machine’s applications you might need to know:

  • Grinding: It is the process of removing metallic material on an indented part. It can be holes to fit bolts or create unique designs. This machine smoothens the edges of these holes to gain the perfect structural feel. With grinding, you can get rid of burrs, which will reduce the scratching sound produced by any metal structure after finishing.
  • Edge rounding: This method is especially used by people who work with jewellery. It is an ideal way of creating circular edges instead of sharp corners, which might cause injury when touched. Rounded edges make the product to look stylish. It is for this reason that it’s a preferable option.
  • Edge bevelling: It is a process where you slant the edges of the material. With a precise angle inclination, you can apply bevel at any level you wish.

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