About our second hand mini buses

second hand mini buses

Since our inception in 1998, we have continued to grow our services. We currently specialize in renting, selling, and servicing various types of equipment. Our trademark may be seen on public transportation, lift vehicles, store lorries, mobile cranes, artificial stages, container handling apparatus, earthmoving, and construction apparatus all over the globe. Extending our potential and capacities within the variety of this trade has enabled us to engage in and complete far-reaching and complicated projects all over the world.
Working on a global scale necessitates respect for the cultures with whom we collaborate. It also entails investing in collaboration with local governments and businesses to assist them to accomplish their objectives. Providing things alone is not enough. We are a full-service firm that values collaboration.

second hand mini buses


With over 28 years of experience, a squad of highly skilled specialists, and a promotional philosophy geared always at client satisfaction, our company has earned a leading position in these ever-changing trading activities, staying on top of scientific updates, recognizing the specific desires of different marketplaces, and demanding the most efficient performance from ourselves.

The spare parts industry is extremely competitive, with a diverse variety of manufacturers and quality levels. We have the ability to supply original replacement parts from all models, and our spare parts squad is focused on offering value-added operations. We think that after-sales support is critical in long-term business partnerships, thus we prioritize it in our corporate structure. We offer a comprehensive range of rental services for forklifts, extendable handlers, both short and long term. We may rent or sell either petroleum or electric-powered used bus. The offered forklifts, extendable lifters, reach stackers, and operations suit a variety of client needs through personalized financing, customizable terms, fleet management, quick and competent servicing, and maintenance operations.

Why our company?

With more than 28 years of experience
We have a group of highly qualified professionals
Our business concept is constantly focused on the client’s happiness.
We buy and sell durable second hand mini buses.

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