4 things to look out for when renting a boom lift?

1. Consider size carefully

There is no right or wrong size for a boom lift, however it is a good idea to make sure the lift is capable of lifting a full sized combine for example or a baler and it is sized accordingly. Look to get the maximum lift from the boom which should be at least 10 meters in length.

2. Consider the supply and maintenance cost

Due to the demand and large sizes of some boom lifts, servicing and maintenance costs will be fairly high compared to the value of the equipment. In addition, with booms being heavy, it is important to weigh up the total cost of ownership to ensure it is suitable for a business based on factors such as the life span of the boom lift and if it is a cash buy or a lease buy for example.

3. Electric or diesel?

Electric boom lifts tend to be cheaper due to the cost of electricity and often run through batteries. Electric boom lifts offer an advantage due to their smaller footprint and less maintenance which means less impact on an overall fleet if a boom lift breaks down. If the price of diesel is an issue however, it could be worth considering diesel electric boom lifts as diesel cost is at times much cheaper than gas when it comes to starting and fuelling the boom.

4. Safe to use

Often there is a misconception that if a boom lift is big, it will be safer. However, with a boom lift of a certain size and the power it can provide, it is just as important to protect the equipment. Load the boom up with large machines, machinery and equipment, do not overload the boom lift with excessive loads of material which would cause it to break or slide over which would result in injury to workers.

If you are still unsure it is advisable to contact a professional company like Adrighem. They can help you with the buying process so that you won’t make any mistakes.

Source: https://adrighem.com/

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